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What We Do


Since 1990, i2 products have been used by intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies around the world to help solve crime and provide intelligent insight.

VA has been at the forefront of development, customisation and enhancement of the product set since 2000, and continues to be the largest and most experienced i2 partner in the world.


i2 Analyst's Notebook

i2 Analyst's Notebook arms analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

What it can do for your business

i2 Analyst's Notebook is a visual analysis tool that helps you turn data into intelligence. The solution provides innovative features such as connected network visualizations, social network analysis, and geospatial or temporal views to help you uncover hidden connections and patterns in data. This insight can help you better identify and disrupt criminal, cyber and fraudulent threats.

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i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium

i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium is a visual analysis environment that combines data storage, analysis tools, visualization and dissemination capabilities.

What it can do for your business

i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium provides a one-stop-shop integrating proven analytical tools within a rich data-centric environment. i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium helps analysts and investigators overcome the multitiered challenge of discovering networks, patterns, and trends within increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data. It features rich analysis capabilities, with a local repository that can reduce costs and time associated with multi-dimensional analysis.
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VA-AIC (Applied Intelligence Capability) combines the power and functionality of i2 Analysts Notebook (or Analysts Notebook Premium) with the flexibility of VA Markup-to-Chart (M2C), built into one software package by VA Worldwide.

What it can do for your business

VA-AIC enhances the i2 Analyst's Notebook solution by allowing users to browse the internet from within i2 Analyst’s Notebook providing one fully integrated interface with the user’s choice of search engine and increase chart acquisition speed with an efficient workflow from unstructured text.

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i2 iBase

Capture, control and analyze data from multiple sources

What it can do for your business

i2® iBase is an intuitive intelligence data management application that enables collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control and analyze multi-source data in security-rich workgroup environments. It addresses the analyst’s daily challenge of discovering and uncovering networks, patterns and trends in today’s increasing volumes of complex structured and unstructured data. i2 iBase provides a multi-user data sharing environment that combines rich analysis and visualization capabilities with dissemination tools.

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps you turn disparate data into comprehensive and actionable intelligence to support timely decision making.

What it can do for your business

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps your organization turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real-time. From national security and defense, to cyber and enterprise-wide threats, the solution helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your threat landscape to identify vulnerabilities and disrupt threats. The combination of machine-led analytics and human-led analysis capabilities helps you quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns buried in internal, external, and open-source data.

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Partner Products

With a network of established business partners around the world, VA is able to provide our clients access to the latest social media collection, data analytics, entity extraction and other intelligence, investigative and analytical tools. We choose our partners closely to ensure our high level of service and support is maintained whether the solution is developed by us, or our partner.

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Software & Support

With onsite and offsite support programs, our clients gain increased return on investment, improving their ability to generate insight. We invest heavily in keeping our support consultants up to date with product developments and analytical techniques to ensure our clients are given the highest level of assistance. Support from VA ensures our clients are provided software upgrades, maintenance updates and access to first line technical product support from VA. 

Database & Tech Consulting Image

Database and Technical Consulting

VA’s multidisciplinary product expertise, consultancy, and contract analysis capabilities span a range of use cases across multiple industries.  Whether your organisation is designing a new intelligence database or investigative analysis planning, VA brings confidence to your intelligence data resources. We work in partnership with our clients worldwide to meet new challenges and achieve a professional and competitive edge.

Customisation Image


VA is a market leader in customising the i2 suite of products to better meet the needs of our clients. 

Whether it is simple, bespoke chart functionality enhancements, or enterprise-wide customisation, our experienced staff bridge the gap between the already strong capabilities within the i2 products and the diverse business and operational requirements of our clients.

Solution design & Implementation

Solution Design and Implementation

VA has been a leader in intelligence and investigative solution design throughout the Asia Pacific region for many years.

Our success and expertise covers many business verticals with our broad range of experienced analytical, operational and technical staff having demonstrated success at working together to fulfil our clients’ needs.


Many i2 users worldwide don’t make the most of the products they have purchased. 

That’s why VA continues to develop and deliver training courses to help all levels of users – basic to advanced – maximise the analytical output from i2. If you have a remote team, we offer live, instructor-led online training courses to provide i2 skills on a  modern and sophisticated training platform, replicating a similar experience to our in-person courses. Our course content is updated with each new version of i2, so you can be sure you’re not just getting the best training, it’s the most up to date too. Our training is a proven method of increasing effectiveness and operational efficiency.

VA Training Philosophy & Delivery

We recognise the skills and experience of participants.

Each course is customisable, tailored to client requirements.

We share VA-created tools to build capacity

Unique tools and skills transfer: even the most advanced agencies benefit

A collaborative training environment where experience is recognised and drawn on.

Three methods of delivery: Classroom, Deskside Mentoring, Virtual Online Training