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From Information to Insight

Who we are

Founded in 1996, VA provides innovative and robust solutions to a wide range of government and corporate customers around the world.

Visual Analysis offers a combination of technology solutions, advanced technical expertise and business advisory drawing upon vast experience from government and commercial sectors and adapting existing technology to ensure success for government and corporate customers.

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What We Do

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Law Enforcement / Corrections

We are dedicated to supporting the efforts of law enforcement and corrections agencies by providing comprehensive intelligence solutions. Our expertise and tailored support empower these organisations to gather critical information and make informed decisions.


We are committed to safeguarding our planet's wildlife through intelligence solutions. Our specialised support aids conservationists and environmental organisations in monitoring and protecting endangered species, preserving habitats, combating wildlife trafficking and ensuring a sustainable future for our natural world.

Regulatory Compliance

We specialise in supporting regulatory compliance through our intelligence solutions. Our expertise helps businesses and organisations navigate complex regulations, identify risks, and implement effective compliance strategies, ensuring they meet legal and ethical standards while optimising their operations.


We are dedicated to preserving our environment through intelligence solutions. Our efforts empower environmental agencies and advocates to monitor ecosystems, track climate change, and make data-driven decisions for a sustainable and thriving planet.


We pioneer intelligence systems in the transportation sector. Our solutions harness data and technology to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability in transportation, paving the way for a smarter and more connected future of mobility