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Why Us

Our Experts


Each member of VA is hand-picked to join our team for one reason: they have the skills or experience to help our clients. Our consultants and leadership team comprises former intelligence, law enforcement and military officers, each highly capable and effective experts in their field. When put together with our team of technical specialists – including developers, software engineers, database experts and system administrators – we bring a fusion of experience and capability that has no equal.

VA is different to other solution providers because our team has experienced the same problems our clients face. We bring an absolute commitment to solving those problems in the most effective, cost-efficient way.

At VA, we don’t try to be all things to all clients. We are specialists in the deployment of the i2 suite, and providing technical, analytical, investigative and intelligence skills. For some specific requirements, we rely on the expertise of our network of trusted partners.

Our point of difference

We provide trusted, reliable support

More than 85% of VA’s clients from 20 years ago are still our clients today. We maintain our expertise and our team will be there when you need something, night or day.

We are specialists at what we do

We provide the products and services for you to move from information to insight. We maximise your return on investment from the i2 suite, providing the customisation, training, connectivity and support your team needs to be faster and better.

We help you move beyond Excel spreadsheets

We have significant experience in building data analytics capabilities for customers, moving beyond Excel spreadsheets, with solutions tailored to their investment levels. Our expertise makes it simple and manageable, with quality, proven results.

We have the experience our clients need

As stated by an IBM Executive Manager: ‘VA knows more about i2 than even IBM and has built high-quality, customised and innovative solutions for two decades. That’s why they’re our go-to i2 partner in the Asia-Pacific region.’


VA Worldwide believes in prioritizing payment security to reduce cyber fraud. We are proud to be an EFTsure Accredited Supplier.