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Our Network


VA is the leading i2 partner, data analytics, training and consultancy company in Australia and the region, providing intelligence, investigation and analytical solutions for our clients from a position of trust.

We emulate these themes in our approach to partnerships – seeking deep relationships with a small number of select partners. By focusing our efforts and by cultivating those relationships, we can create opportunities, drive revenue, and strengthen our position with our respective customers.

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Our Network

VA Insight Software Pte Ltd

VA Insight Software is a solution innovation and development hub headquartered in Singapore. The VA Insight Portal™ arms investigators and field operators with access to intelligence when and where they need it, while increasing collaboration and improving workflows. The portal streamlines data collection and provides tactical visualisation with a speedy deployment timeline. Its intuitive interface requires minimal enablement for users to experience greater efficiency and rapid results.

Sintelix Logo


The Sintelix text intelligence platform thrives on unstructured data. Sintelix offers unparalleled information extraction capabilities including entity and relationship extraction at high accuracy in many languages. When paired with the solutions provided by VA, this allows our clients to rapidly ingest and automatically extract information from large volumes of information, enhancing the speed and capacity of the analytical process.

Rosoka Logo


Rosoka's multilingual product suite is used to enhance mission-critical solutions in a wide range of applications and markets. Today Rosoka software provides optimized insights by extracting entities, relationships, sentiment, and location from unstructured data in over 200 languages. Rosoka’s products were developed for cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments and are designed to be multilingual and scalable.

BeTimes Solutions

Betimes Solutions is the leading DeepTech Systems Integrator in Thailand. For more than 15 years, Betimes has provided digital platform and services offerings for both Public & Private sectors. Information Management, Business Intelligence, Location Intelligence and Pattern Intelligence are the key part of our experience. Betimes’s Pattern Intelligence customers are in Law enforcement and Financial Industry. As the only i2 SI in Thailand, Betimes provides implementation and support of the i2 & add-on services for many projects and with different key technology especially in Big Data & AI.